Netflix gains another major competitor

In addition to worrying about products like Hulu Plus, YouTube Movies, Prime (from Amazon) and HBO Go, Netflix will have to keep its eyes open for a new competitor. This is Redbox, a network of movie rental kiosks that has just announced its entry into the streaming industry.

If on Netflix the monthly subscription starts at $ 8, “Redbox Instant by Verizon” has prices starting at $ 6 – a plan that entitles you to unlimited content. By paying two extra dollars per month, the customer is entitled to take four DVDs from the kiosks and, for $ 9, four Blu-ray films. Netflix charges $ 16 for the plan that links streaming and mailing DVDs.

The catalog is smaller than the main competitor’s, but includes productions from Paramount Pictures (Viacom), Lions Gate, MGM and Warner Bros (Time Warner), according to Reuters.

The intention to create a new player appeared in February, when Coinstar joined Verizon in a joint venture. The result can be seen in the United States until the end of this month, when the Redbox Instant goes on air in the testing phase, working on connected TVs, tablets and smartphones.

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