Misleading advertising causes millionaire fine to TV makers

Seven manufacturers of plasma televisions were fined on Monday, 22, by the Ministry of Justice for misleading advertising. Gradiente, LG, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Semp Toshiba and Sony were punished for failing to inform consumers about a feature of the devices.

The Department of Protection and Consumer Protection (DPDC), belonging to the Ministry, has sued the companies because none has made it clear that the uninterrupted use of televisions could cause stains on the screens – an effect known as burn in.

In total, they will have to pay R $ 5 million, being R $ 290 thousand for Gradiente, R $ 1,850 million LG, R $ 790 thousand Panasonic, R $ 290 thousand Philips, R $ 910 Samsung, R $ 25 thousand Semp Toshiba and R $ 900 thousand Sony.

To arrive at the values, criteria of the Consumer Protection Code and the number of televisions sold by each company were taken into account. The amount must be deposited in favor of the Ministry of Justice’s Fund for the Defense of Diffuse Rights to be invested in projects aimed at protecting the environment, public heritage and consumer protection.

The fines are the result of an investigation initiated in 2006, following a complaint by the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro. Some manufacturers, says the DPDC, left TVs running straight in stores with DVDs in order to hide the problem.

“The mature consumer market assumes that consumer relations are guided by good faith, transparency, loyalty and respect for the consumer. The supplier’s duty is to ensure clear and conspicuous information about the products and services it sells, ”said Amaury Oliva, director of the department.

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