Megabox, Kim Dotcom’s music service, will be launched by the end of the year

Kim Dotcom gave more details about the “revolutionary” music project he announced a few months ago. Even while responding to a copyright infringement lawsuit, the MegaUpload creator said he plans to launch the Megabox service later this year, according to the TheNextWeb.

The new service is something like a version of iTunes that is very much aimed at independent artists: it is a virtual store in which musicians can sell their work directly to the user.

Dotcom believes that his model, which does not need a record label as an intermediary, will attract even established artists to leave the traditional way of selling music. Through Megabox, the artist gets up to 90% of the profits from the sales of his songs, much more than the record companies offer.

Another attractive resource for musicians is a so-called Megakey, in which artists receive for each download made of songs that are made available free to users.

The Megabox was announced shortly before Dotcom was arrested. Some argue that the Megabox threat to the recording industry motivated the operation that brought down MegaUpload in January this year.

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