Meet the yacht Steve Jobs created

The yacht that Steve Jobs helped create four years before his death was seen in Holland, according to CBS News. Apple co-founder worked with French designer Philippe Starck to develop the boat for automaker Feadship.

The creation, called Venus, is 78.2 meters long, made of aluminum and has a minimalist design, just like Apple products. The cabin windows are large and the main area was designed to have glass walls up to 12 meters high.

Starck said in an email sent to the Associated Press that he was “proud of Venus, as he feels that it reflects Steve Jobs’ vision and expectations”. The designer also said that he asked Jobs to design the boat in 2007 and his draft was already approved at the second meeting with the automaker.

“The project has never changed over the course of five years dedicated to rigorous work on details, motivated by the famous eyes of Steve Jobs,” he said. “This work was done directly between Steve Jobs and Philippe Starck”, he concluded.

See photos of the yacht below.




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