LG presents 84-inch Ultra HD television

LG presented this Monday, 07, during CES 2013, its new televisions. Among the advertisements, “Ultra HD TV” stands out, which has more than 8 million pixels.

Also known as “4K”, the device has a screen with a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160, four times more definition than a traditional HD TV.

The product will hit the market in three sizes: 55 ”, 65 ” and 84 ”.

Movies and programs with a quality related to such a definition should take time to appear. However, LG said that its TVs will have rendering technology that will automatically improve the quality of images.



During the press conference, LG also announced the long-awaited OLED TVs, voted “the best at CES” in the past year.

Televisions are already on sale, but are expected to hit the world market in March for $ 12,000.

Organic LEDs (OLED) are considered the future of TVs because they allow the manufacture of thinner devices and have greater contrast than LCD. With this, the viewer sees the images with the same brightness at different angles.

LG’s new product hits the market at just four millimeters thick and weighing less than ten pounds.


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