Learn about Tomb Raider multiplayer details

The cover story for the latest issue of the official Xbox magazine reveals details about the upcoming multiplayer for the upcoming Tomb Raider, expected this year.

The report, along with information posted by a fan on a dedicated forum to the game, reveal that the multiplayer mode will be developed by Eidos Montreal, responsible for Deus: Ex Human Revolution. Single Player remains in the hands of Crystal Dynamics.

The division of game modes into two stadiums is intended to make the teams dedicate themselves fully. The multiplayer will have three game modes: “Team Deathmatch”, “Rescue” and “Cry for help”.

The first is to set a group of survivors against islanders, called “scavengers”, in a face-to-face confrontation. The battles will be fought in the best system of three, with the possibility of changing teams. The maps will not be very open and promise a lot of interaction with the scenario.

In the second mode, the survivors must get the most out of first aid kits, while the scavengers earn points for the murders they perform. Survivors will still have a life time called “bleed out” that will kill them after being attacked. The time can be extended with melee attacks. It is speculated that the survivors will be able to heal other members of their team.

The third mode was only commented on by Karl Stweart, global director of Crystal Dynamics. THE Eurogamer says it should be focused on adventure, addressing item discovery.

It will probably not be possible to play with the protagonist Lara Croft. In addition, there will still be an experience system that will allow you to unlock items and characters.

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