Internet generates 5.1 million jobs in the USA

Research conducted by Harvard University, USA, quantified the size of the internet market in that country and the impact on the economy. According to the study, 5.1 million jobs depend on this ecosystem, of which 2 million are direct. the digital sector generated US $ 530 billion, double the amount registered in 2007.

“The rapid growth of the Internet sponsored by advertising has become one of the main drivers of the North American economy. With the initiatives of regulatory bodies, there is no doubt that interactive marketing will create more and more jobs, not only in America, ”said Randall Rothemberg, CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, a body that promotes online advertising.

For housing Silicon Valley and Madison Avenue, where the advertising hub is located, New York and California are the states that most host internet companies in the USA. Following are Washington, Illinois and Massachusets. Nine US states concentrate 72% of the companies.

The survey attributes the growth of the digital ecosystem to small business owners, responsible for 357,000 of the 2 million direct jobs. Many of them sold products from Amazon, eBay, and Etsy last year, and as many employed programmers, designers, and digital service writers. According to the study, 35,000 jobs were created just for application development.

For John Deighton, professor responsible for the research, one of the main discoveries was the fact that growth is not restricted to Facebook, Twitter and large companies. “Jobs grew faster in advertising agencies, ad exchange networks, customer analysis companies and other platforms The engine of growth was not just about consumption, but also companies that use data offered by them,” he said.

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