“Instagram will not sell your photos”, says co-founder

Instagram decided to release a response to all users frightened by the new terms of use of the service.Kevin Systrom, co-founder of the service, released a post on the company’s blog to clarify some doubts, stating that he does not intend to sell the users’ photos.

“Our intention with updating the terms was to communicate that we would like to try an innovative form of advertising that fits Instagram. However, it has been interpreted by many that we will sell the photos to others without any compensation. This is not true,” says Systrom on text.

Instagram said the problem was due to a lack of clarity in terms of use and gave some details about what it really intends to do, saying it intends to help users discover interesting accounts while building a sustainable business.

“Let’s assume that a company wants to promote your account to gain more followers. To help them make a more useful and relevant promotion, it would be useful to see which of the people you follow who also follow this company. So, some of the information you produce (actions like following an account and your profile picture) would end up appearing if you follow that company “, wrote the co-founder of Instagram.

“To make it clear: it is not our intention to sell your photos. We are working in a simpler and clearer language in terms of making this clear,” added Systrom.

The company also disclosed that Instagram does not intend to take the copyright of the photos posted on the service. “We respect the artists and hobbyists who take the photos and we respect that their photos are their photos. Period,” he explains.

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