In games, Brazilian prefers action to football

Brazil may be the country of football in real life, but this preference is not present in video games. The data are from Ibope, which found that the true passion of the Brazilian in games is the action and adventure genre, with 31% of the preference. Football games, such as Fifa and Pro Evolution Soccer, are in second place, with 23% of respondents’ preference. The third place went to racing games, preferred by 10% of players.

Another relevant fact that Brazilians prefer consoles as a platform for games, used by 67% of respondents. Following are computers and notebooks, used by 42%. The survey also points out that cell phones and smartphones also have a captive place for games, with 16%, which puts the platform in front of even portable consoles, used only by 7% of respondents.

The survey also indicates that most gamers play consoles in their own homes, with 85% of respondents. In addition, it was found that, despite the soft investment of companies to turn consoles into media centers, 55% of Brazilians say they do not use them for anything other than playing games, while 31% say they watch DVDs on the device.

The research, named Games Pop, was carried out in order to learn about habits and draw a profile of the country’s players. The institute informs that 18,512 people, over 10 years old, were interviewed, spread over 13 of the main cities in the country between April and May 2012.

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