Grooveshark changes design and gains social functions

Grooveshark users started today, 17, to find a website with a different design than they are used to. The streaming music service is changing its face to improve the navigation of its visitors.

One of the new features of the new Grooveshark is a social aspect that has been integrated into the service. Now users can follow their favorite artists and also see what friends are listening to at the moment.


The use of the service will not change much with the new design. The novelties include disc covers in the songs and the possibility to load a song and release it to play in a playlist, according to Mashable.

Other than that, everything remains as it was: it is possible to recover the last songs heard, as well as to browse a large collection of songs sent by other users.

The new Grooveshark will be made available gradually. It will go live on November 1st for all users.


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