Google launches broadband and television service in the US

Google officially introduced, this Thursday (26/07), in Kansas City, Google Fiber, its broadband and television service in the United States.

The company promises an internet 100 times faster than the main North American ones and guarantees that the download speed will be 1 Gigabyte per second for downloads and uploads.

Fiber also comes with TV service with local channels and integrated with Netflix and YouTube, making it possible to watch content live or on demand, whenever the user wants. In addition, it is possible to record up to eight simultaneous programs and store them in the cloud (with 1 Terabyte available in Google Drive).

The equipment that functions as the center of all content has been named Network Box. They have 2 Gigabytes of space for storage on your hard drive, will transmit video in up to 1080p, have four Ethernet inputs and work as Wi-Fi points.

Prices and installation

There are three packages available for residential plans. The most basic costs $ 300 to install cables and offers both a slower internet service (downloads at 5 Megabytes per second) and a TV with only a few channels.

For the complete content and total connection speed, you can pay US $ 120 for the broadband and TV plan or US $ 70 s for the internet. Whoever hires the full service will still receive a Nexus 7, which will also function as a TV control.

To install optical fibers, Google will require a number of orders in the same region that they call “fiberhoods”. The company also said it would pay for the installation of cables in some places like schools and libraries.

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