Google ends legal dispute with Belgian newspapers

The six-year legal dispute between Google and the Belgian society of newspaper publishers appears to be over, according to the Reuters.

The company agreed on Thursday, 13, to boost online revenue from vehicles in the country in exchange for exemption from the fee that the company would have to pay to index its materials.

From now on, Google will announce its services in the Belgian newspapers, in addition to bringing more readers to the pages of the publications. The company’s division in Belgium stated in its blog The agreement is good news for both the company and the publishers.

“Instead of continuing to discuss legal interpretations, we decided to put aside past disagreements in favor of collaboration,” wrote the director, Thierry Geerts. “We continue to believe that our services respect the copyright of newspapers. It is important to underline that we are not paying Belgian editors and authors to include their content in our services “, he concluded.

Germany and France also compete for advertising revenue with Google.

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