Gafe: iTunes promotes pornographic content in Russia

Apple launched the iTunes Store in Russia on Wednesday. But the company did not expect that the debut would come with an accidental surprise for the users: promotion of pornographic content.

By clicking on the “More films in different languages” section, located in the video area, the user is faced with advertisements that recommend porn sites.

According to the website 9 to Mac, specialized in Apple matters, the faux pas happened because the company forgot to replace the text that filled in a version used for testing, programmed as “.xxx Sites”.

Interestingly, Steve Jobs was against promoting pornographic content on his systems. Once, in an interview, he said the following about the subject: “There is a pornographic content store for Android … you can download it, your children can download it. This is a path we don’t want to follow”.

Apple has yet to comment on the matter.

Apple iTunes adult

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