Foursquare starts showing ads to users

Foursquare users will now receive advertisements in a model of promoted accounts, more or less as Twitter does with the Promoted Account. The news from Mashable.

Last week, the location-based social network launched a feature that allows companies to send updates to selected users, considered their “best consumers”. The idea was to let these people, who are already regulars of the place, find out about promotions and news when they are around.

This possibility only existed with those who accompanied the company, the fans. Now users who are not only consumers will also receive alerts, but only when they are likely to become customers as well.

The target audience is made up of people with regular friends, in addition to those who have added the establishment to a list or who often visit similar places in the neighborhood.

However, in order not to make advertising invasive, Foursquare will not let messages be sent to people, they will only see ads when they go through the “Explore” tab.

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