For operators, sites like YouTube have to help pay for the internet

Telephone operators operating in Brazil opened a controversy on Thursday, 30, during the 56 Telebrasil Panel, promoted by the Associação Brasileira de Comunicaes, in Brasilia. For Claro, TIM and Vivo, content providers have to share their revenue with operators.

According to Tecnoblog, representatives of the three companies blamed sites like YouTube for congesting the internet and bringing down the speed of connections, so they should help improve the infrastructure.

That same Thursday evening, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings rebutted the idea. For him, this account should be reversed: “They who should pay us!”, He said. “We take the content to their subscribers.”

In Brazil, videos are responsible for more than 65% of internet data traffic. YouTube alone accounts for 25% of world browsing. For the reasoning of the operators, in addition to the consumer paying to have internet, content providers have to pay for the traffic they generate.

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