Facebook will start charging for promotional offers

Facebook said it will start charging for the use of Facebook Offer, a platform for retailers and retailers to announce offers to users of the social network.

According to Reuters, the service that was created earlier this year and worked free of charge, will now charge at least US $ 5 for promotions of offers to a selected audience of fans and friends of the cost. The cost should vary according to the size of the page of the company within the network.

Since the company became a public company, it has been pressured by Wall Street to show how it can turn its huge network of users into a cash machine. The site’s shares have lost about 40% of their value since their debut.

F-commerce – commerce within the platform – has not yet been successful, as retailers have been able to take advantage of a number of free tools from the network to attract customers. Facebook Offers’ link to a paid service suggests that the company is trying to change that.

“The best results from Facebook Offers will come from organic distribution plus paid distribution,” said Gokul Rajaram, director of product management for Facebook’s advertising business.

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