Facebook passes Yahoo! and becomes the second most accessed video site in the USA

July data from comScore were released and, it seems, Facebook passed Yahoo! in numbers of accesses in videos. With that, the social network has become the second most visited video site in the United States, behind only YouTube, which belongs to Google.

According to the company, more than 184 million American Internet users watched 36.9 billion hours of video last month and 9.6 billion hours of advertisements on the Internet.

In total, YouTube gathered 157 million unique visitors, while Facebook got 53 million unique visits to its videos and Yahoo! 47.7 million. The Vevo website, which has just arrived in Brazil, comes next, with 44.8 million.

Mark Zuckerberg’s website had already passed Yahoo! in video views, but it was still behind Google and even Vevo in May this year.

In terms of advertising, Google came first on the list with 1.5 billion ads. J Facebook doesn’t even appear in the top 10 ranking.

Unique accesses in Brazil

On the weekend of April 14 this year, Facebook was the most visited website in the country. On Saturday (04/14), 10.86% of the country’s accesses were directed to the social network and, on Sunday (04/15), the site represented 10.98% of visits. During this period, Google came in second place , with 10.85% and 10.55% of visits, respectively

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