Facebook excluded say platform has become ‘iffy’

Since the time when Orkut reigned supreme in Brazil, internet users here are used to accompanying humor communities. When Facebook became popular, it moved there in the form of a page, and then several came up – some with millions of fans. So many people were surprised when the social network started to delete these spaces, in a movement that became known as “page apocalypse”.

The whole case was reported by youPIX staff, who published a list of about 100 pages taken down without explanation. Then the network commented, saying that each excluded person violated the site’s terms of use and that they did not need to be notified, as they should know what they were doing wrong.

“In terms of Facebook it says that they can disable the page at any time, but that is very dictator”, complain Bruna Tavares and Edy Bertoli, owners of Humor Doido. In an interview with Digital Look, they stated that the social network opted for “lack of respect” when deleting the pages, as many of those responsible for the spaces depend on it to advertise the company, blog etc. J Viviane Teves, from Humor Negro, said she agreed with the overthrow without warning, but not with the lack of satisfaction in relation to that. “Only one ‘violated the terms’, but no explanation of which term was violated,” he commented.

Bruna and Bertoli are so far without knowing what happened. According to them, the page did not do any kind of offense and all applications of Humor Doido were within the normal range. Which was not the case with Humor Negro.

“My page did have irregularities, it was a black humor page and had several deleted contents”, admits Viviane; she expected the tag [Humor Controverso], created by Facebook itself, helped to solve possible problems, but the network never gave them the signal, just deleted it with a warning that they had broken the rules. “There were some ‘nudity’ and ‘hate speech’ pages, but that is very relative.”

The document

When the blackout began, there was a suspicion that there was some kind of censorship on the part of Facebook, especially because it was at the time when the attack on the Twin Towers in the United States celebrated its anniversary – of course, many people scoffed at the fact. Facebook denied it, said the reasons are in the terms, but some wool?

We questioned this here in Digital Look, including highlighting some rules assumed by all users (see here). With page owners the same thing: the document has to be seen, after all, they are the rules of coexistence for a space that holds 1 billion people.

Bruna, Bertoli and Viviane claimed to have read everything, but doubt that everyone will. The person in charge of Black Humor assumed that she might not care if she did not work as a social media analyst, which forces her to know what she is dealing with.

Another heard by the report, Adan Smith, who maintained the Profane page, said he only knows part of the document, but considers Facebook’s recommendations contradictory. This is because at certain points in the Introduction to Facebook pages (step by step), there are explicit tips on how to get fans using apps. “Soon the justification for pages being excluded due to apps that generate likes goes against the manual for creating pages,” he points out.


Humor Negro had 508.5 ml fans and was also one of the most famous communities on Orkut, but faced problems there, from where it was deleted twice. “We decided to come to Facebook and, after the success, we were deleted! I think we will have to do a blog anyway”, says Viviane. Another version of the page was created a month ago – so far, it has 54.1 thousand fans.

But while they are insisting on the network, the same will not happen with the staff of Humor Doido, which when it was deleted had 1.5 million followers. For them, Mark Zuckerberg’s network has become a “dubious” platform: “We don’t intend to take risks again and have a year-long job thrown away.”

Smith tested the network before deciding to drop it. The page he maintained was named after his blog, O Profanos; as soon as it was deleted he created another one and did not post anything – so there were no irregularities. Still, Facebook deleted it, again without telling why. “Precisely because I have no explanations about it and they say whether I was wrong or not, for the time being discouraged and I do not intend to create other fan pages.”

“Facebook is trying to eliminate the competition, which are its own page platforms, which are able to advertise companies at no cost,” explained Bruna and Bertoli. “Facebook is being moved to money, either you are part of their system or your page is deleted.”

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