Facebook creates filters for targeted advertising

In yet another attempt to attract advertising to its platform, Facebook has created a series of filters so that advertising agencies can focus ads on specific audiences.

As of today, brand pages will be able to make posts targeted by gender, interests, age, location, language, relationship status, education and workplace.

Ao Mashable, a spokesperson for the social network gave an example of how companies can use the new features: “Say you want to make an ad back to school. You can target your ads to students aged 18 to 21 and achieve only this public, without disturbing the rest “.

The Facebook initiative can be included in a general improvement of the marketing plans of the main social networks.

Recently, Twitter announced a similar targeting tool, which allows brands to tweet taking into account the user’s location and means of access – smartphones, tablets or PCs.

Likewise, Foursquare tries to become more attractive to advertisers by offering promotional advantages for those who check-in at a certain place.

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