European Union and USA oppose the proposal to tax internet traffic

The European Union and the United States are preparing to join forces against a proposal from Russia and African countries to tax internet traffic and facilitate tracking of users, according to the Reuters.

The clash over web policing will take place at a meeting of the International Telecommunications Union in Dubai, between December 3 and 14, the date on which countries will debate new rules for the network.

The countries of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the European Union are against radical plans to regulate the Internet, such as those that Africa and Asia have presented so that governments can track web traffic and tax companies like Google and Yahoo if they transfer content for international networks.

“For the EU, there is no justification for these proposals,” the European Commission said on Friday, stating that this was the view of all 27 bloc members. “The EU’s position is that the Internet works,” he said the commissioner this week. “And you shouldn’t touch a winning team.”

The United States, which is instrumental in the administration of the Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers on the Internet, is opposed to any new restrictions that would limit innovation and trade.

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