eBay criticizes Facebook’s ad system

EBay’s senior manager, Jennifer Wehrmaker, has harshly criticized Facebook, saying it is very difficult to be creative within the social network when it comes to advertising.

According to Business Insider, the executive was referring especially to the Facebook Exchange, a new tool that allows the advertiser to tag the user’s interest based on the browsing history and send targeted advertising.

The executive said that the restriction of uploading images on Facebook hinders her ads. Social network customers have a small space on the website to insert images and only on the logoff page it is possible to make larger uploads.

However, Facebook users do not usually log out of their accounts when they have finished accessing it, which limits access to more spacious banners.

Facebook encourages its customers to be creative in ad formats, but one point that the company has always taken care of is the size of the banners. Mark Zuckerberg’s company fears that users will be irritated by excessive advertising on the site.

To date, Facebook’s revenue is constantly growing, so the company can still resist calls for change from customers.

Despite some security in billing, the network paid attention to eBay’s criticisms, since the e-commerce site is one of the largest advertisers on the social network.

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