Dropbox may launch music streaming service

Dropbox, whose focus is cloud storage, has bought the streaming service Audiogalaxy, giving a hint that it may soon enter this market.

Negotiation values ​​were not disclosed. At the communication on the subject, the Audiogalaxy team warns that the company will be swallowed up by the other and that, as a result, the site will not accept new registrations. Users will be able to continue using the product until December 31.

In 2002, the site was downed by music industry processes and was even listed by CNET, in 2008, as “one of the greatest extinct sites of all time”. Later, Audiogalaxy silently reappeared allowing users to access their music libraries from any connected device; it was also possible to discover new music from mixes created by an algorithm that made recommendations.

Music Streaming Dropbox

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