Disney works on facial cloning projects

In the future, when visiting Walt Disney World, you may come across a faithful replica of Johnny Depp characterized as Jack Sparrow who is able to speak and move as if he were the actor. Company researchers are working on facial cloning features that will make this possible.

There are two works in activity at this moment that make reproduction feasible. Disney was able to map the human face using an algorithm that detects facial hair and reconstructs it in three dimensions by analyzing layers below the skin.

The technology allows individual reconstructions of the strands, so you can copy all the features of the original, whether it has beard or hair.

At the same time, another team uses the findings of the first to make the creations more tangible, transforming them into animatronic robots.

According to Engadget, the Physical Face Cloning project (physical cloning of the face, in free translation) hopes to automate part of the creation of animatronics to accelerate the process of reproducing the human face in future Disney robots.

The result only appears after a complex process that involves capturing the face under a wide range of conditions. In addition, data must be used to help define a synthetic leather composition that best suits the original.

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