Device promises to turn any TV into a Smart TV

Your living room TV can turn into a Smart TV. this is what a device placed on the Kickstarter promises that can be launched in the coming weeks.

Equiso Smart TV was announced on Kickstarter with the goal of raising $ 100,000, but more than doubled: $ 241,000.

It is a small device the size of a thumb drive that, when connected to the HDMI port, adds functions of a tablet with Android TV. Thus, it is possible to surf the internet, watch videos and listen to music as if it were a Smart TV.

The Equiso also comes with a remote control that has a QWERTY keyboard, gyroscopes and accelerometers to aid navigation. It runs Android 4.0 version (Ice Cream Sandwich).

Bids for the project ended at the end of July, and the creators announced the latest information on the development of Equiso. Production has already started and the goal is to deliver the first units this month.

Android TV Smart TV

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