Chinese social network says Facebook copied its timeline

In the midst of a season of patent wars in the technology industry, Facebook has become the target of an accusation of plagiarism. The CEO of a Chinese social network claims that Mark Zuckerberg copied it when he “created” the Timeline.

The feature, according to Xiong Wanli, was implemented on in February 2008. Well before, therefore, Facebook, which launched in October 2011 and made it available in January of this year.

The CEO says, according to the The Next Web, have a video to prove that Zuckerberg was at an event in Stanford when Wanli showed the timeline.

Several American law firms have approached the executive to find out if he intends to sue Justice, which has been considered. Xu Xinming, a well-known Chinese lawyer, commented that it would not be difficult to win the case, the problem would be to define a financial amount to be claimed for the infraction.

Facebook patent Plgio

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