British government wants to legalize copying of digital content

The UK may soon make it legal to copy digital content such as films, books and music, as announced on Thursday, 20, by the country’s business minister, Vince Cable. But the idea of ​​releasing only the copy, sharing remains illegal.

The British cannot, by law, copy a CD to a digital player and transfer the content, even if the intention is to create a backup. “Adapting the law to people’s expectations to boost respect for intellectual property copyrights, on which our creative industry rests,” explained Cable, as reported by the EFE Agency.

According to the minister, his government wants to find “a balance between the right of consumers to enjoy what they have legitimately paid and to boost business opportunities and protect the rights of creators”. It is just that local musicians and composers did not like it and asked that blank CDs be taxed in some way to compensate the creative class, as is the case in the rest of Europe.

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