Brazilian court prohibits YouTube from showing video about Muhammad

It looks like this is not the Google Brazil month. After the country’s electoral court issued arrest warrants against two top company executives over YouTube, the site will now be forced to censor a video that would have been the trigger for Islamic uprisings around the world.

The decision came out on Tuesday, 25, and came from Judge Gilson Delgado Miranda, from 25 Vara Cvel, in So Paulo. According to the state, the Court of Justice accepted a request by the Islamic National Union against the search giant.

The video in question is a trailer for the movie “Innocence of the Muslims”, which scoffs at the prophet Mohammed. The play has been attributed to several anti-United States protests, including one that led to the death of the country’s ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens.

Now Google has ten days to take production off YouTube. If you fail to comply with the order, the company will have to pay a daily fine of R $ 10,000, but there is still an appeal.

While in Brazil the film has disappeared, in other countries it will continue to be shown. “This video – which is widely available on the web – is clearly within our guidelines and will therefore remain on YouTube,” Google said in a statement last week.

Google Youtube Brazil Censorship

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