Brazilian calculates digital assets at R $ 238,000, says study

A study presented this Monday, 17th, brings the results of the Research on the Value of Digital Assets in Brazil, carried out with Brazilian consumers. It was found, among other things, that the average value attributed to the “digital heritage”, existing in several of its digital devices, was R $ 238,826.00.

At McAfee’s request, research firm MSI Internacional interviewed 323 Brazilian consumers about the financial value they attach to their digital assets. Music downloads, personal memories (such as photographs), personal communications (emails or notes), records personal (health, finance and insurance), career information (resumes, portfolios, cover letters, e-mail contacts), hobbies and creative projects.

The interviewees indicated that 38% of their files are irreplaceable and that, for these files, the total value considered by them to be R $ 90,754.00. “Most consumers would not even dream of leaving a pile of photos of their children, bank statements , Internet passwords and other personal information available or easily accessible so that strangers could get hold of that data, ”says Srgio Oliveira, McAfee Latin America Regional Director for Consumers.

Despite the high financial value determined by Brazilians, 14% of these consumers indicated that they do not use a security solution in all their devices and still do not believe that they need one.

Redoubled attention

Brazilian consumers also mentioned that they intend to dedicate themselves and invest more in protecting their digital assets in the future – 91% of respondents mentioned this intention after evaluating the value of their digital assets.

In the same survey, conducted in 2011 by McAfee and MSI, 3,025 consumers from Germany, Australia, Canada, Spain, the USA, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Japan and the UK were interviewed and 77% indicated who would probably be more dedicated to protecting their digital heritage.

The number of devices connected to the Internet also continues to grow and this contributes to rapid changes in the threat landscape. The study reveals that 25% of global Internet users already have at least five devices per household and 60% have at least three. In Brazil, the sample identified that 23% of the interviewed Brazilians already have at least five devices per household, while 64% of them have at least three.

“Consumers recognize the value of their digital assets and assets, and while they are more likely to protect their computers, they often neglect to protect their mobile devices,” says Gary Davis, director of product marketing for McAfee Consumer Area .

Brazil has the highest percentage in relation to other countries, considering that the value of its digital asset is much higher than they expected. While in the global survey 49% of respondents from different countries estimated that the value of the digital asset was greater than they imagined, 74% of Brazilian respondents think the same way.

And how much is your digital assets worth?

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