Bra uses sensors to detect breast cancer

First Warning Systems is a sports bra and ‘smart’ that is under development to detect abnormalities in the breasts, such as breast cancer.

Sixteen colored, coded sensors are attached to monitor the temperature of the tissues. The results are then disseminated through data cross-checking.

The prototype was tested on 650 women and obtained diagnoses with 90% accuracy. Conventional treatments, such as mammography, guarantee 70% accuracy, according to the Huffington Post.

“The system is capable of not only identifying anomalies in their early stages, but also the general location of abnormalities examined in three dimensions,” said the biotechnology company Lifeline, responsible for the idea.

To enter the market, First Warning Systems depends on the approval of regulatory agencies. The use of a bra, intended for medical offices, is scheduled for 2013, initially in Europe.

Breast cancer is what most affects women. Each year, 1 million are detected with the disease worldwide, of which 400,000 die.

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