Bloggers lose appeal against Huffington Post

Bloggers who felt hurt because of the purchase of the Huffington Post were defeated once again when trying to grab some of the amount paid by AOL, according to Reuters.

On Wednesday, a panel with three judges from the Second Court of Appeal in New York rejected a group of writers’ complaint and denied them a payment of $ 105 million. The amount was calculated based on the $ 315 million involved in the negotiation, which according to the claimants would have to be shared.

The group, including activist and commentator Jonathan Tasini, says he was cheated because everyone was writing for free to HuffPost with the intention of providing a public service, without waiting for the vehicle to be sold to a large group of people one day. day M.

The original lawsuit was based on the name of around 9,000 unpaid taxpayers, created in 2005. In March of this year, a Manhattan judge ruled against them, so they decided to take the case to appeal.

NY judges argued that there is no basis for complaints and that bloggers were aware that they wrote for a for-profit company. The remuneration, they said, came in the form of exhibition and promotion.

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