BitTorrent studies new methods to finance independent artists

BitTorrent, which produces the popular uTorrent file-sharing software, is studying new ways to raise money to finance works by independent artists.

The company entered into a partnership with DJ Shadow, an independent producer and activist for the easing of copyright, who will be the first artist to test the model and which promises a series of exclusive releases for the platform.

The idea is simple. The music package provided by the artist will come with sponsored software, something like a media player or an anti-virus. For each user who decides to install the free program, both BitTorrent and the artist receive a share of the advertising profits.

“We believe that we can make digital distribution even more viable for creators and fans. So, from now on, we will be testing new ways to help creators while providing even more valuable experiences for our users,” said BitTorrent CEO Eric Klinker, in speech reproduced by Torrent Freak.

Thinking of new methods of financing musical works has become imperative since the physical media crisis has practically annihilated major record companies and radically reduced the profits of copyrighted artists.

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