Apple offers unpublished Steve Jobs interview

Apple is making available through iTunes an unheard interview of 1h15 in which Steve Jobs explains how he founded the technology giant, comments on the difference of his company to rivals and shows his most human side.

The mini documentary ‘Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview’ was filmed in 1995 and shows the return of the entrepreneur Apple after a time venturing into other businesses. The interview was conducted by journalist and former Apple employee Robert X. Cringely, who explains the story of the ‘lost interview’:

“I interviewed Jobs for my TV show ‘Triumph of the Nerds’. The show showed a charismatic, witty, sincere, visionary, brilliant Steve Jobs. A unique entrepreneur who has mastered his game, seen like never before. But on TV we only use It is a small part of that interview and we feared that the rest would be lost. Until a few days ago, we found the original recording in the director’s garage “.

Watch the trailer:

The documentary can be rented on iTunes for $ 3.99.

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