Apple launches iTunes 11 a month late

With a month delay, Apple finally released iTunes 11 on Thursday, 29. The new version of the company’s multimedia management software received one of the biggest updates since its launch.

The new iTunes was announced along with the iPhone 5 and was due for release in October, but the deadline was postponed to the end of November.

With the update, iTunes gains a cleaner design, more similar to the iOS interface, more elegantly incorporating the elements that make up the software.

Among the changes is the end of the sidebars, over the user’s media library, and the bottom one, of status. However, they can be replaced in their former places by changing the settings.

In addition, the software also brings greater integration with Apple’s iCloud feature, in addition to having a new mini-player, with more search features, and a function that shows the next song that will be played.

Apple iTunes

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