Anonymous declares war on Syrian government

The Anonymous group declared war on yet another country, according to the news agency Reuters. This time, the hackers said they would shut down serious government sites around the world, in response to the internet blackout that occurred in the country on Thursday, 29.

The hackers believe the breach of the connection took place to silence opposition to President Bashar al-Assad. The group, which opes for internet censorship, said it would remove all government-owned sites outside Syria, starting with embassies.

At 8 am (time of Braslia) this Friday, 30, the website of the Syrian embassy in Belgium had gone down, but that of the embassy in China, which would be the first target, continued to operate, according to Anonymous.

Most of the ministerial sites were down, but there is no information on whether the hackers were responsible.

Understand the case

Serbia suffered a communication blackout on Thursday when the internet connection stopped at noon. Landline and cell phone lines were also seriously affected.

The serious government said “terrorists” were responsible for shutting down the internet across the country. “It is not true that the state has cut the internet. Terrorists have attacked internet lines, resulting in the shutdown of some regions,” said the minister. of telecommunications serious.

This was not the first time that Serbia was unplugged from the internet. In other situations, the country suspended digital activities to contain civil unrest. Last July, the fall took place for 40 minutes but, at that time, the disconnect had not been as complete as it was this time.

For about 20 months there has been a rebellion in the country that tries to overthrow the Bashar al Assad regime, which has been in power for more than a decade.

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