Anatel develops a booklet with 50 tips for telephony users

The National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) published on its website a booklet containing 50 tips on hiring, charging, cancellation and obligations of the operadoras fixed, mobile, internet and pay TV.

The document covers the four largest telecommunications services: Personal Mobile Service, Personal in Multimedia Communicationday (banbroadband), Pay TV and Fixed Telephone Service Switchesof. Together, the areas add up 338.5 million of accesses.

Among the topics, one of them explains to customers that they can request a free suspension of the service once a year, for a period of 30 to 120 days, without the need to pay the subscription during that period.

The booklet also informs that companies are obliged to reimburse double, with increased charges in case of late payment, the amounts unduly charged. In addition, it advises the customer to contact Anatel with the protocol number, if they do not have their request met.diby the company in five business days.

Default, cancellation of contract, unblocking, portability, service plans and other matters of interest to the telephone user make up the document.

Click on here to read the booklet.

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