Analog TV signal shutdown could start in 2013

The switching off of analogue TV on the 700 MHz frequency may start in 2013. The announcement was made by the Minister of Communications, Paulo Benardo, this Tuesday (09/04. He said that the process should happen “in two or three cities “, according to the State Agency.

The tests should be done in smaller cities to facilitate possible reversals in case of failure. Bernardo also stressed that, if all the signal was turned off simultaneously, the process to reverse the details would be more complicated.

In addition, the minister also stated that he does not intend to completely disconnect the analogue signal while a large part of the population does not have digital converters.

The original schedule foresaw the end of the analogue signal for 2016. “Our idea is to make this deadline more flexible, to anticipate it in some regions and cities and even postpone it in others”, defended Bernardo.

The government’s intention is to use the 700 MHz band, currently dedicated to the analogue signal, 4G technology, whose auction may take place in the second half of 2013.


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