American University is the largest Google advertiser

It may seem strange, but the company that most invests in advertising on the services of the search giant is an institution of study. A WordStream survey shows that this post occupied by the University of Phoenix, in the United States.

The report shows that the university, the largest for-profit in the country, spends about $ 200,000 a day on Google ads in the third quarter of 2012.

In addition to the university, other major advertisers are,,, and Geico.

To reach this conclusion, WordStream analyzed data from 2,600 AdWords accounts that total $ 250 million in annual expenses.

In total, Google makes $ 100 million a day in advertising through sponsored searches and the Display network, which displays ads on websites. According to the Mashable, this figure is about five times higher than that of Facebook, for example, which receives only US $ 21 million per day from advertising.

The survey also found that CPC (cost per click) values ​​also decreased this quarter. For advertisers, this is a positive result, as they are able to pay less for each click on each of their advertising pieces.

Check out the infographic:

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