Amazon updates music service and intensifies fight with iTunes

Amazon is getting ready to compete in the music business with Apple. Last Tuesday (07/31), the company announced important news for Cloud Player, its cloud song storage service.

Launched a year ago, the product was struggling due to not having agreements with major record labels. Now Amazon has partnered with hundreds of distributors, including Sony Music Entertainment, EMI, Vivendi, Universal Music and Warner Music.

The new service allows the user to make copies of their music files in the cloud, and can listen to them on any device with an internet connection. The platform rivals iTunes Match, equipped with the same function.

However, the Cloud Player has some differentials. There is a button, for example, that scans the user’s computer to automatically update it with its database in the cloud. In addition, Amazon’s service allows you to store 250 songs for free, while iTunes Match is paid for from the beginning.

ITunes Match costs $ 24.99 a year and works in Brazil. The Cloud Player comes out at the same price, but is not yet available in the country. It is worth remembering that Amazon will start operations here in 2012.

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