5 Apps: Soundtracking | Google + | Gravity 2 | Viddy | Nike Training Club

Soundtracking – Android and iOS
Soundtracking has been in the market for a long time, but it has never been established as an application because it has been experiencing an identity crisis since birth. He lived. The new version seems to have finally tied up well social network and music service in a single application. The main function – sharing music on Twitter or Facebook – remains intact, but search and interface are better now. The news is a list of songs most played in some region and a profile similar to Facebook.

Google Plus – Android and iOS
In its quest to find a place in the sun of social networks, Google made a beautiful foray into mobile devices. The new version of the application brings 20 more functions and accentuates the vocation of sharing the network. The clean interface facilitates updates to the profile, be it images (now even animated gifs!), Be it between circles or communities. Other options have been greatly reduced for a smartphone screen, but bigger fingers can get stuck on the small buttons.

Isaac Newton’s Gravity 2 – Android and iOS
The puzzle has a simple and typical premise: to take a ball from one place to another. As the name suggests, physics is essential and very realistic in the game. The difference in this version is the communities, which allow sharing phases created between users, such as the Little Big Planet of the Wii. The problem is that, to do this, you need a robust device. The game is heavy and the unattractive graphics leave something to be desired close to competitors like Amazing Alex. And the Newton that appears on the screen all the time is more boring than the old Office Clip Art.

Viddy – Android and iOS
Viddy just debuted on Android after a good run on iOS. The application does in several images what Instragram does in just one. A maximum of 15 seconds of recording in which it is possible to add color filters and a soundtrack. The social network layout is similar to that of the photo application, but the dark interface is uncomfortable. Another problem is the export of videos. In a test on the Nexus S the app choked on this function.

Nike Training Club – Android and iOS
Also coming from iOS, the app is a mobile personal trainer. It offers more than 100 physical exercises with instructions and voice guidance. In the background it is possible to leave some music playing and then, as usual in the programs of the genre, the objectives achieved in the activity can be shared.

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