YouTube Brazil can keep ‘Muslim Innocence’ on the air

In September last year the whole world was shaken because of a video posted on YouTube. The work in question was “The Innocence of the Muslims”, which would have motivated a series of protests for being considered offensive to Islam. Islamic movements ran to take the clip off the air, but, at least in Brazil, it remains.

The So Paulo Court of Justice ruled in favor of Google in a lawsuit filed by the National Union of Islamic Entities. In addition to requesting compensation for pain and suffering, the entity asked for the exclusion of all videos related to the film.

Law Judge Paulo Csar Batista dos Santos, however, stated that, “the content of the video, although of very dubious taste, and even though it is manifest in critical Islamic religion, is helped by the free right to express artistic thought and free circulation of ideas ”.

He also pointed out that analyzing the content of the videos would require a fair amount of value from him, avoiding the jurisdictional activity, and that, moreover, “air could not carry out prior control over the content of all the videos on the site, since it would also be exercising their own judgment of value over them ”.

Youtube Brazil Censorship

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