World’s thinnest watch reaches Kickstarter goal in two days

There’s nothing left for Central Standard Timing to start producing the world’s finest wristwatch. In just two days, the company hit the target of donations in the Kickstarter and raised the $ 200,000 needed to start manufacturing.

There were more than 1,600 donations in this period, with most of them varying between US $ 99 and US $ 129. Whoever paid the first amount would receive a simpler version of the device, while those who offered the second amount could choose between the version black or white. Only 3 were willing to donate more than US $ 1,000, which would qualify them to participate in the product testing period.

The CST-01, as it is called, has a thickness of 0.80 mm and was announced by the company during CES, a technology event that takes place in Las Vegas last Wednesday, 9th, but the page on Kickstarter has been on the air since tuesday.

The watch’s screen features e-ink technology, similar to Amazon’s Kindle digital reader. In this way, it does not emit its own light, which makes it less aggressive to the eyes. The company says that the watch should last for 15 years and that, as it is made of steel, it must be resistant to knocks.

Your battery should last for one month, requiring only a quick 10-minute charge to return to using the device.

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