Warner Bros to make film about John McAfee

John McAfee’s curious story will become a film. According to the British newspaper The Guardian, the feature being produced by Warner Bros.

McAfee creator of the famous antivirus that carries his surname. The 67-year-old man lives a life full of controversies that peaked in late 2012, when he was accused of killing his neighbor and had to flee the Belize police, the country where he lived in his retirement.

When he was deported to Miami, the programmer told Guatemela reporters: “I am happy to come home. I’ve been running through forests, rivers and oceans and I think I need to get some rest. I was also in jail for seven days. ” The statement gives a notion of how much steel the film can have.

The script should be based on the article “John McAfee’s Last Stand”(John McAfee’s last fight), from Wired magazine.

John Requa and Glenn Ficar, directors of The Scammer of the Year, were cast to direct the feature.

McAfee is currently in Portland, Oregon, collaborating with artist Chad Essley on a comic about his life.

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