Vivo TV will be partially disabled after April 25 to make way for 4G

Some Vivo TV customers are already receiving letters from Telefnica / Vivo at their homes warning that the service will no longer be provided. The company is deactivating part of the radio frequency occupied by MMDS to implement the 4G network in Brazil.

The company informs that as of April 25, it will not be able to maintain the current packages of people whose service is maintained by MMDS technology, used by customers in the cities of So Paulo, Curitiba and Porto Alegre.

Telefnica / Vivo warns that, as of this date, customers affected by the change will continue to receive open and mandatory channels until May 31, at no additional cost, until they find another pay TV service. If interested, they can keep this package after the period for the price of R $ 20 monthly after contacting the company.

Otherwise, they will be able to return the equipment to the company free of charge to the consumer. They will be able to call to schedule the pick-up or wait for the call from June 1, when the company itself will call to pick up the devices.

The April invoice, the last one that should reach customers, will have a proportional charge until April 25, informs the company.

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