User tries to fund Death Star by Kickstarter as a joke

Would the Earth be prepared to defend itself against extraterrestrial threats? For a Kickstarter user, no. For this reason, he decided start raising funds for the construction of a Death Star, as seen in the Star Wars film, to protect the planet from attacks from a ‘very, very distant galaxy’.

Obviously, this is a user joke, which makes a joke with a negative, but very humorous, response from the United States government to a petition for the construction of the space base on the official website of the White House.

For this, the user tries to collect 20 million pounds (about R $ 62 million) to disclose his project in more detail. Currently, whoever enters the page has only a simplified idea of ​​their plans. And for simplicity, understand a black circle on a white background.

To get the project off the ground, however, he says that about 543 billion pounds (R $ 1.7 trillion) would be needed, which was the amount estimated by the American government for such a construction.

The author makes no attempt to hide that this is a joke and says it on his page. He says that the value is purposely high for not being reached and, moreover, set the deadline as April 1, the day of April Fools. Even so, 102 people have already invested the equivalent of 13 thousand pounds (R $ 40.7 thousand). It is worth remembering, however, that the money will only come out of these people’s pockets if the project reaches the minimum target of £ 20 million.

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