Twitter should launch music app for iOS

Twitter is planning to expand further in the media business. After launching the Vine video app, the company should develop an iOS app called Twitter Music, which should suggest music to users based on their tastes.

Unlike Vine, however, the new music service, which will use technology acquired with the purchase of the We Are Hunted service, should be launched under the brand name Twitter, as sources in the CNET.

The musical suggestions would arise from the information collected about users, such as the accounts that the person follows on Twitter.

The songs will be stored and delivered to the user through integration with SoundCloud.

CNET indicates that the movement is intelligent on the part of Twitter, since there are a lot of artists from the musical world who have an account on the social network, with millions of followers.

The app would have a “Suggested” tab for recommendations and a #NowPlaying section, which shows which songs are being shared by those you follow on Twitter. There would still be the “Popular” and “Emerging” tabs, which would have suggestions based on the network community.

The publication points out that, initially, the service will use songs that the artists themselves put on SoundCloud, or will redirect people to iTunes, where they can listen to a preview. There will be no integration with streaming services like Spotify.

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