TV and mobile devices are getting closer

The tendency to comment on TV programs on tablets and smartphones is growing, according to a study by BI Intelligence. The so-called “second screen”, or second screen, opens doors to an infinite number of opportunities in the sector.

According to the survey, about 85% of US smartphone users said they use the second screen at least once a month, 60% said they watch TV using mobile devices weekly and 39% reported doing so daily. The study also found that 80% of people with this habit are between 18 and 24 years old and 60% have an income above US $ 50,000 annually.

BI Intelligence also found that television advertising spending in the United States is around $ 74 billion annually. That is, if the mobility market manages to pass on a small part of this amount, taking advantage of the “second screen” trend, the sector can grow substantially.

According to the study, the mobility industry is already working to create applications and websites that relate to TV to try to capitalize on this behavior. Twitter is currently one of the apps that has most achieved this synergy between screens.

In a lecture, the platform’s product marketing director, Joel Lunenfeld, stated that one of the most effective forms of advertising is hashtags. In the United States, Audi and Mercedes quadrupled the numbers of their cars by publishing hashtags in noble time on TV. Lunenfeld explains that the microblog and TV have great cohesion and a quarter of users are tutors while watching movies, games, soap operas and other programs.

In Brazil, the hashtag #oioioi, related to Rede Globo’s soap opera Avenida Brasil, became a fever and reached trending topics worldwide – proof that on Twitter brands have the opportunity to expand their name using the trend of the second screen.

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