Tumblr puts advertising on your apps

Tumblr announced on Monday, 21, that from now on, whoever wants to use their applications for mobile devices will have to pay. But no one put his hand in his pocket, the payment will come in the form of advertising.

Instead of banners – like those that permeate free games – Tumblr has adopted the system of sponsored posts, just like Twitter and Facebook do. In this way, the user is faced with publications that he did not ask to see, but that were paid to be there.

In email seen by Mashable, Tumblr promises to try not to be intrusive, showing no more than four sponsored posts per day to each user. These messages will be identified with an animated cipher ($) and can be “liked” or “rebloged”.

Six companies are already participating in the new modality, including ABC Entertainment and ABC Family, GE, Pepsi and Warner Bros.

Advertising Tumblr

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