The world’s thinnest watch launched

The world’s thinnest wristwatch was shown on Wednesday, 9th, at CES electronics fair, which takes place in Las Vegas.

With a thickness of 0.80 millimeters, the prototype announced by Central Standard Timing looks more like a flexible bracelet made of metal.

The technology used is the same as the Kindle, Amazon’s digital reader. The company guarantees that, although thin, the model resistant to knocks, after all made of steel.The expected duration of the watch is 15 years.

The CST-01, device name, comes with an internal battery that lasts a month and, to activate it, just charge for about 10 minutes.

There is still no forecast for the clock to be released in stores, because the manufacturer seeks US $ 200 thousand on the Kickstarter website to fund the investment. L, the pre-sale of the device goes for $ 130.


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