The Brazilian version of Game of Thrones

The third season of HBO’s Game of Thrones debuted last Sunday (31) in Brazil. And the power game, which centralizes the battles played by the clans in the attraction, has today gained a version with national political groups. In it, as in the success of TV, they all symbolize Houses.

If the medieval plot has elements that justify the actions of those involved in the disputes, the Tupiniquim variant does not stop at less, transforming what I am into reality through alliances, connections and support from political characters that basically have two objectives: to achieve the power or stay in it.

“It is interesting to read some news about national politics with the ‘Game of Thrones of Brazilian Politics’ map next to it. We facilitate the understanding of the alliances and the connections given between the government officials, even more so in the current scenario, with just over a year to go for the next elections that I will define president and governors ”, says Arnaldo Azevedo, one of the project’s creators.

In the national version, there are eight large groups that fight for the Iron Throne, now occupied by Dilma Rousseff, member and Mo do Rei da Casa Lula. It has strong allies such as Casas Sarney and Temer. The reign holds great infantry, the largest of all, that helps maintain the governability that lasts 11 years.

The apparent tranquility in the Kingdom of Brazil would be an illusion as historical rivals intend to remove the current commander from the Iron Throne. They are Casa Neves, which has the support of names like ex-King Fernando Henrique Cardoso and Geraldo Alckmin, Casa Serra, Casa Marina and Casa Arraes, which is open to coalition, for example, with the occupants of the Right Valley. Most with a solid base to achieve what you want.

“We need to speak in a didactic and logical way to show and map how to play the political game. We want anyone, no matter how much political knowledge they have, to be able to understand how these movements go, ”reports Azevedo.

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