Syria is off the internet once again

Once again, Sria has disappeared from the internet. At 3:45 pm yesterday, the country was disconnected from the network and it is not known by whom.

The first to report what happened were the staff of OpenDNS, through its research division Umbrella Security Labs, who decided to investigate a significant drop in traffic from Syria.

“On closer inspection, it seems that Syria has practically disappeared from the internet”, declared Dan Hubbard, chief technology officer at Umbrella.

According to him, there are only three Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing tables available in the country, with the normal number being around 80. BGP is the bridge between the local internet and the whole world, that’s why the network of Syria has not existed for the rest of the countries since yesterday.

At the end of last year, Syria spent a few days disconnected, something the government had previously done to contain civilian insurgencies. Last time, however, the state blamed terrorists for the situation.

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